Act 1: Seppuku

The performance and video are based on the idea of “staging death”, as a phenomenon where death becomes aestheticized to the point of glorification and mystification, and where the use of theatrical attributes softens the approach of the viewer and embellishes the brutality of the act, elevating it and detouring from reality. The work deals with this artificiality, by staging a musical interpretation of the Seppuku, ritual suicide. The instrument is here attached to the abdomen of the performer and becomes, when played on with the same movements leading to suicide, the release of this action. The instrument works both as a musical visualization of reaching death, at the same time as it embodies the aesthetic nature of this act.

Rietveld Uncut, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam 2015
Video 4:02
Voice: Francesca Burattelli
Saxophone: Mikkel Holm Torp

Francesca Burattelli