Artemisian Vogue

Evolving further on the concept of ‘pop-postures’ and their sculptural reference in relation to the work “Waltz of the Matinées”, the video is connected to the idea of tableaux-vivants- framing compositions and details from these postures and functioning in the gallery space, almost as religious caravaggistic paintings. Hereby the sense of the movement is still present, as a subsumption of the physicality of the bodies in the space. Appealing to fashion aesthetics, the video points at the culture of glorification and idealisation of the performative persona, the pop-star- in comparison to religious iconography and heroic portraying of the greek and roman figures.

Camera: Sanne Von Rossum and Jorne Tielemans.
Models: Nicolina Eklund, Lauritz Meier Andersen, Till Hormann, Zhenela Kostova.
Make-up: Inger Sif Heeschen
Francesca Burattelli