Battle Fatigue

Performance, text and soundpiece, OK Corral, Copenhagen
Skærmbillede 2019-02-01 kl. 3.18.13 PM
LEVEL 1 (The trail, horns and strings)
You’ve seen it all, keen call it off, keen -you’re cought on, deep I sense it all, keen
I sense the dull, scene I snatch it all, clean I snap it up, see -prefer the wrong deed
your sudden need, dear for loyalty reminds me of — won’t last for long,dear
-no lean on, keen -you write it off, dear
LEVEL 2 (allies and enemies-piano, choir, sax)
When I tell you all that I’ve seen laid bare you recover the days that have been told so I call to loose the rebound i call you to work this need down with me Now I cease, to let your bells ring —
It’s all you’re rootless allies- lined up, That’s all it’s gonna call to arms given up your armies, call on arrow, ax and dagger-lined up —
LEVEL 3 (Motivational appeal- sticks, lead, sax, pipe) You see it as a moment/torrent an implacable current flares up dear easy steps prone to succed —
LEVEL 4 (Defense strategies- piano, choir, string-piano, yell) I prefer to leave the cut clean I prefer to let it stay bleak You’re loosing touch, you repay You’re loosing touch, You lack of bias, —
           >STRING-PIANO INTERMEZZO- (Ascendancy, mana
når klipperne glider sammen og brikkerne kastes hen når klipperne støder sammen og stenene kastes hen
           >SAX CHOIR INTERMEZZO- song of the guardian angels-
Too light! Battle-fatigue- if you recover from a lack of sensibility, remember to sorround yourself with
reload 3 mirrors and diamonds 3 mirrors and pearls
LEVEL 5 (Attack) take, hold and tie light correlates. Break, fold and tie light correlates
Save your mana for the long run!
Several days a year, I experience a state of neutrality, this encourages me to find people and situations that could possibly make it last for longer-that could possibly make it last for longer.
Several days a year, I experience a neutral state of being, this enhances in me a need to detach from earthly emotions-from earthly emotions
I enjoy decór, to spend time on pure embellishment
Stay in the water, Stay in the water
I prefer to be where I no longer can touch the bottom
EPILOGUE (Return to former dimension- waves, voices, urnes)
Ascending the trail we entered a hidden meadow of wild mint. Not to be confused with nettle, as it often occurred. Other times it was inevitable,
my turn, your turn! to pick the ball- Hands swallowed, searing moist on my fingers/on the palms.
The scent of stuffy church room- catechism bells rang through the entire village, a consistent wave.
The kids were tuff/crafty, the mothers sly/worse. All words and movements weighed, approaches thought out. We were the intruders and we never learned to behave with snow. We were water cubs! My sisterʼs way to go to the boys, was to hit them on the back, a terrible technique, though very efficient. And she gained an army of reluctant admires.
The first house was a closed off hotel. We moved in in late spring, We would be the only tenants until the winterseason began. The smell resonated with the looks of the stuffed animals on the shelves.
There were ermine and birds, ermine and birds.
The rearrangements of their eyes and noses, eyes and beaks were outrageous. As executed while blindfolded.
One evening my mother came home and thought she saw the devil entering the window. She ran back to the restaurant, trembling. ʻun demone tutto rosso, brutto!ʼ
Francesca Burattelli