Devil, what the devil

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Performers: Wilfred Wagner, Francesca Burattelli
Two performers, one female and one male, wear a skin-colored headset microphone, programmed with a delay- feature. They are facing the audience, but seperated from it by a glass-wall and door, the speakers and a keyboard are placed in the same room as the audience, who can only hear the amplified voices. The room of the performers is a narrow emergency-exit corridor, lightned by a single neonlight, the room of the audience is in dark. The scenery resembles that of an interrogation-room.
The performers read and act passages from “Doctor Faustus Light the lights” by Gertrude Stein, with different time- delays, some of 3 or 7 seconds, other times 20 or 40 seconds. Sometimes the voice confirms the lip-movement of the performer, other times it corresponds to the other performer. The voices are respectevely seperated in time from their source and re-joined, mixing the roles in the act, like a badly dubbed soap-opera.
The voice becomes a stranger in it’s own body, echoing a feeling of alienation and the need of affiliation, resulting in a shell, a mirage of what it originally was, like Doctor Faustus selling his soul to the Devil.


Alex applies Ava’s dog make-up. Ned retrieves book.

NED: Who cares if you lie if you steal, there is no snake to grind under one’s heel, there is no hope there is no death there is no life there is no breath, there just is every day all day and when there is no day there is no day. I have made it but have I a soul to pay for it.

AVA: Thank you.

NED: You fool you devil how can you know, how can you tell me so, if I am the only one who can know what I know then no devil can know what I know and no devil can tell me so and I could know without any soul to sell, without there being anything in hell.

AVA: Thank you.

NED: You only know one thing, you are never ready for anything, and I everything is always now and now and now perhaps through you and I begin to know that it is all just so, that light however bright will never be other than light, and any light is just a light and now there is nothing more either by day or by night but just a light.

AVA: Thank you.

NED: Oh you devil go to hell, that is all you know to tell, and who is interested in hell just a devil is inter- ested in hell because that is all he can tell, whether I stamp or whether I cry whether I live or whether I die. it does not interest me whether you can buy or I can sell, get out of here devil just you go to hell.

Francesca Burattelli