Publication: Waltz of the Matineés

A selection of poses from pop and rock-idols are correlated to the postures of classical greek and roman sculptures. Positions once studied by the greek sculptors in the attempt to depict the body in it’s proportional and compositional perfection, reappear in modern pop and rock music-performance.

These postures, when adapted by pop-idols and rock-stars, seem as reoccuring archetypical gestures of strenght. They emphasize the similiarities between the mystification of modern idols, and the religious worshipping of ancient divinities.

With the aim of giving the publication a physical and sculptural presence as a part of the work Waltz of the Matinées, the book itself as a massive grey cardboard block, relates to the concrete platforms in the installation.

Graphic design by Ott Metusala
Francesca Burattelli