Round Lashing

Rigid Ride, plaster, steel, concrete 21SK_DSF5357
Grief Knot #1, plaster and rope1213Grief Knot #2, plaster and rope14SK_DSF5354  SK_DSF5314SK_DSF5325

Group-exhibition in collaboration with Toke Flyvholm and Sabine Kongsted, at Grønttorvet 280.

Round lashing a double loop, the ligament splits the gutters.

The cavalcade a spectacle-

A rigid ride, a greedy tie

twists around the columns

the core obliged to restrain

deprived of its shape

capitulates to the hold

one spin to the right

untill the ring, exhausted

reaches the bend/

another rod for clearing

and the grid squeals.

Broad tracks for vivid encounters

on steady and burned pillars

as limpid bridges

unites the tails.

Text and music: Francesca Burattelli
Francesca Burattelli