Rietveld Uncut, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam 2014
ReVersed Poetry Film Festival, OT301, Amsterdam 2014

A two meter long brass plate is played as a musical saw with a violin bow. By bending the plate, the notes are changing. Because of its odd size and shape, and the way in which it is handled, the instrument defines the choreography and adds a sculptural presence to the space.

The work developed around the study of mensur, a type of academic fencing from the beginning of the twentieth century in Germany and Austria, where upper-class university students created a fashion around the fact of getting their faces disfigured in duel, and thereby obtaining status. Shaping ones body according to the status gained by the endurance of pain causing the disfigurement, reflects on the way in which the instrument is handled, the sound it creates and the text being sung.

Francesca Burattelli