Vigilant Venture


Complications/ it’s complicated

Good intentions we Can all agree-on

Efforts result in capitulation

The structure is doomed to decline to


A delicate and cautious attempt

To keep the margins, aligned

To keep the rythm of lines

And patterns

I fear to venture into

precarious grounds

It’s complicated

An infinite dance                   between

I long for

the joyfull liberation from

the uncertain                  


And the dreadful turns of the unanticipated

The beauty of the limited lifespan

Of Codak moments

Part of the group exhibition Jordens Små Samfund on the island of Bornholm. Performance and installation, taking place in three different locations, Louisenlund, Lilleborg and G3. The works are installed in the morning and taken down in the evening, changing according to the given surroundings and accomodating throughout the three days- The performance as well being divided in 3 chapters.



Cardboard, plaster, concrete, vaseline, spraypaint and styrofoam.
Performers: Francesca Burattelli, Miriam Kongstad, Frida Høite.

Francesca Burattelli