In the parking lot of IKEA on a sunday evening, the performer recites all product names from A-E in a fast, monotonous and semi-religious chant. With an Iphone as a score, scrolling through the immeasurable list, the singing mixes to the sound of passing cars and shoppingwagons.

Video here.

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14102413_10157536744415105_2578328051436064759_nExtreme Sharing
Group installation – sunday trip

It´s a gigantic installation of our time, IKEA, who not only hones a conceptual marketing perversion, but that has exceeded consumerism and creativity “at home” to such a large extend that in which pre-fabrication has become the norm, do it yourself, but don’t think yourself. The ambiguity of IKEA as a primarily Swedish export brand, makes the container and the peripheral location a hub for a de- centralized shopping experience. In lieu of this shared observation and the commonality that speak of the middle-class expansion and the “cheap fast choice”, we thought that the over-saturated environment of IKEA as an ideal place to gather artists and ask them to perform the task of implementation, with the obvious site-specificity in mind. We thought that working as a group could be a great way to collaborate, as being there automatically renders us as artists, observers, consumers and players within the realm of pre-existing values and the immediacy and spontaneity that lies in the already existing scenery. As commentaries; visible, audible, performative or physical, producing a work within the concept of IKEA; one might recognize the similarities of the art marked, the vernacular shopping experience merged as spectacular, the societal mimesis and the exhibition making coalesced under the umbrella as an event in which our traces might be noticed, disregarded or discovered.

Francesca Burattelli