Waltz of the Matineés

Long piano strings are attached to different points of the room, and amplified. Two performers stretch out the strings by contra-weight, becoming the body of the instrument. The strings are used to balance the position, forming a choreography based on the iconic postures of pop- and rock idols. The third performer sings and recites a text based on more or less popular song-lines, and occasionally plays on the strings of the other performers with a violin-bow.




In the room two concrete blocks are cast after certain positions, as platforms for the actual activation of the instrument.

A book on a pedestal depicts a selection of pop-postures and roman and greek statues, articulating the similarities between the two. On another pedestal a 3d print/reproduction of the “devil hand”.

The postures of the statues can be seen as archetypes, reappearing in the later modern position of pop stars- Iconic images (within a musical context) depicting certain postures, becomes a part of our collective consciousness. In the same way the script appeals to the immediate recognition of sentences that somehow are melted into, and accumulated in modern language.

Likewise the “devil hand” or “heavy metal hand” refers to the music genre and it’s iconographies, pointing at the same time back to it’s religious use in superstitious rites.

Performers: Nicolina Eklund, Real Lee and Francesca Burattelli
Book designed by Ott Metusala
Francesca Burattelli